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Welcome to Alpha Supply Co.

Below you will find links to ALL of the different proccesses and equipment we offer. Click a button for more information about our products.

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Learning Centers

Transfer Business

TransferBusiness is a learning center for the heat transfer and sign business. We will show you how to startup and run a successful business along with tips and tricks of the trade.

Inkjet Sublimation

DyeSubInks is a learning center for the Inkjet sublimation business. Designed for the begginer, we will walk you through the business step by step along with all the tips and tricks we know.

You will find information about decorating sublimatable items such as mugs, plates, tiles, polyester fabrics satins and more using inkjet sublimation.

Laser Sublimation is a learning center for the laser sublimation business for the awards industry. These cartridges are designed to provide a deep rich color or black on gold, silver and brass metals used for plaques, trophies, signage and more.

HIX Heat Press Machines

HIX heat press machines are known for thier light-weight sturdy construction designed to last for years to come.

This site is dedicated to HIX heat press machines with more details about every one than any other company out there.

Geo. Knight Heat Presses

Geo. Knight heat press machines are well known for sturdy machines capable of lasting for years. Geo. Knight also offers customized heat press solutions to fit your individual needs.

This site is dedicated to Geo. Knight heat press machines with even more information to help you decide which ones are better for your needs.

How To Do A Mug is designed to show you what equipment can do mugs along with the differences between them.

You can also find a demonstration to show you step by step how to do a mug.